Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM


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Operating system: 

The fixes have been categorized under 6 tabs:

  1. File Explorer: Offers fixes to resolve problems relating to Windows 10
  2. Internet & Connectivity: Lets you fix Internet problems which yu be facing after upgrading to Windows 10
  3. Windows 10: This new section for Windows 10 offers several new fixes like:
    • Reset Settings app. Settings doesn’t launch or exit with error<br />
      • Start Menu doesn’t work or doesn’t open in Windows 10<br />
    • Wi-fi doesn’t work after upgrading to Windows 10<br />
    • Windows Updates stuck downloading updates after upgrading<br />
    • Windows Store apps not opening. Re-register all apps<br />
    • Office documents do not open after upgrading to Windows 10<br />
    • WerMgr.exe or WerFault.exe Application Error.
  4. System Tools: Offers to fix built-in tools that may not be working
  5. properly. A new Advanced System Information tab displays some specific
  6. advanced information about your system, like the number of threads in processor, number of logical processors, maximum display resolution, maximum refresh rate, etc.
  7. Troubleshooters: This section provides direct links to bring up the built-in 18 Windows Troubleshooters and download links to 4 troubleshooters release recently by Microsoft
  8. Additional Fixes: Offers several other fixes for Windows 10.

How to use FixWin 10

1. We first suggest that you run the System File Checker. The button
provided on the Welcome page, will ‘run sfc /scannow‘ and will check for
and replace any corrupted Windows system files. It is expected to take
anywhere from 5-10 minutes. If asked to, reboot your computer.
2. If you are facing problems relating to the Windows Store or the Store
apps, re-register the Store apps. A 1-click button has been provided on
the Welcome page that lets you do so easily.
3. If you are facing major issues with Windows 10, running the DISM
utility to repair your Windows System Image, might be a real good idea.
A button for this too has been conviniently placed on the Welcome page.
4. Next we insist that you create a System Restore Point. The provided
button will create one. We always recommend that you create one before
making any changes to your system. Should you wish or need too, you can
always go back to this Restore Point.
5. Having done that, apply at most one fix at a time and restart your
computer. Please check if things are to your satisfaction; and if not,
you have the option of restoring back immediately.
6. If you want to know first, what each fix does, click on the ‘?‘ Help
button next to the Fix button. A pop out will tell you what exactly the
fix does. Double-clicking on it will copy the command to your clipboard,
which will be helpful I you want to run the fixes manually.
7. Some problems cannot be fixed with a click. So if you do not find
your fix here, click on the Search For More Fixes button on FixWin’s
Welcome page, and search and see if you find what you want.
Some security software may give out false positives, but rest assured
that it is clean.