Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Dabel: Social Audio Streaming

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On Dabel, don’t just listen to a stream, anyone can join the conversation. Audio stream live for up to 2 hours of audio with the push of a button with an audience that can comment or even verbally respond in real time. Unlike text, voice gives you the ability to express yourself with the emotions you can’t simply write. Not interested in talking? No problem, Dabel loves a good listener. With Dabel, you don’t just listen to a stream, you can join the conversation.


Dabel is a place for people like you who want to talk about their interests and share experiences with like-minded people. Here you can speak your mind freely, anonymously or not - it’s your choice. As the speaker, you can choose who can also talk during your stream, so you can share ideas, laugh at jokes, and express yourself in a more authentic way.


Have an opinion? Join the discussion anywhere, anytime. Unlike most social media platforms, on Dabel you are never judged by your looks, age, or beliefs. This is a community where all are encouraged to speak about what they are passionate about. By limiting the platform to voice, users can say what they are feeling without fear of judgement. Have your opinions heard and your emotions felt.


Build an audience of followers and find other people passionate about what you love. Dabel is a place of warmth, open and welcome to anyone who wants to freely speak their mind, and anyone who cares to listen. It’s a place of reprieve from the cold, unfeeling ocean of cynicism, and commerce that social media has become. At Dabel we believe that meaningful communication needs a proper space -- a home to live and breathe in. With Dabel, just hit a button and have your voice heard.