Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Constant Battle always latest version

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Emerged in 2018 the renews Games has as its main focus, the game Constant Battle, a 2d game which is constantly being updated with many Ideas and actions.

Don't let 2d fool you, you'll change your mind!

In addition to the amount of legal friendships you can make in this world, several Gambling possibilities are possible.

For you to have an idea in the constant battle until you need to go to the bathroom, different of other games, you need.

Check out of many things, what you will find in this universe, parallel to all that you knew:

  • Do missions, quests and automatic adventures
  • Eat, Drink and defecate
  • Fishing
  • Travel between worlds or cities with various methods of transportation
  • Have your own apartment with many features
  • Killing animals and players
  • And much, much more!