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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Blind Gladiator

Last updated on Saturday, June 20, 2020 - 05:14 by abdulmuhamin
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Welcome to Blind Gladiator, warrior! Are you ready to prove your strength and become the best gladiator of all time? Take on the best warriors that the Roman Empire has to offer, from every corner of the world! Choose your weapon and fight to the death! Can you win your freedom back? Become a gladiator, fight numerous opponents, get the public’s favor with your deeds proving your value and conquer your freedom!

Game elements

Choose your favorite class and prepare to fight numerous enemies. Defeat champions from all cities to win your freedom in the arena of Rome before the Emperor! Visit specialized locksmiths to buy new, sensational equipment and become stronger and stronger! Meanwhile, recover from your wounds at the inn in between fights.

  • 5 tournaments
  • more than 40 sets of equipment
  • individual duels and much more await you on Blind Gladiator.

Game instructions

On PC or mac

in the starting menu to scroll the options, press “TAB” or “SHIFT”, “SPACE” to select or confirm, to go back press “ESC”.
Once the fight starts, dodge the hits from your opponent with “LEFT ARROW” and “RIGHT ARROW” depending on where you hear it coming from left or right. If you hear it from both sides then use “DOWN ARROW”. “UP ARROW” lets you use the shield, and attack hitting “SPACE”.
Press “ALT” to hear the info on your current strength and status of your armor during a fight, how many coins you have when in a shop.
Press “ESC” to pause during a fight.


tilt your device left or right or back, and block by holding your finger on the screen, and tap to attack.

Each bout you survive will award you with gold which can be used to buy new armour, weapons and shields, get your injuries healed at the in, or even use a number of salves and potions to give you an edge in battle.

With high quality sound , several different opponents and an expanding inventory of gear to choose from, some extra bloodthirsty audio commentary. Blind Gladiator is just what your looking for if you want a quick and violent game. It's especially recommended for quick play on the go with Ios using the tilt function of your device for that extra challenge.

Happy slaying.

Support the Game developers, if you like this game, buy it, they deserve it!