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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Why Do BHP Share Off-Language Content in the International Groups?

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Hello, Today we are addressing a great concern of our members. Why do BHP share off-language content in the international groups?
To understand this, we have to take a step back to the history. Around 10 years ago when BHP was started, it was primarily to empower our local community i.e. Pakistan, and somewhat other nations who speak the same language. Because that is where our team belonged and that is where we believed not much work has been done.
As time passed by, our user base expanded, so our services. Our work was so much welcomed by communities around the world that we came to realize that there is a huge gap not just for our local community, but in the world at large. So we shifted primarily to the language which is understood by most of the users.
However, as much as one should never forget their roots, we had to stick to continue serving our base audience which understand Urdu language alongside the international community. So we still make demonstration in Urdu. And just demonstrations. Otherwise the website, articles, and even the titles and description of those demonstration videos are in English.
The question remains, why sharing in international groups while we have the dedicated south Asian groups. We are a not for profit entity, and entire content that is produced and gathered is for the community we serve. Not a single penny goes to our personal expenses. The sustainability of our operation lies on the generous contributors. Some dedicate their time and efforts, some provide monetary backing, some provide moral support.
Will there be a simple answer? Coming to that. The point of revising everything to our members is that main objective of entities like us is to maximize the impact. To broaden the radius of their services to maximum individuals so that the large number of lives can be empowered. We are doing this for the same reason.
There are members in our international groups who have English as secondary language and are here to connect with the broad community. But their comfort zone is in consuming audio/video content in their native language. And there are others who have personal contacts to the people who belong to Urdu community but these are not in our groups. This is indirect way for our content to reach those people.
Understood, but the rule of language is also set by BHP team themselves. This is definitely to maintain the discipline in the group. Otherwise, everyone sharing content of lots of languages will be a huge mess in the group. While our local content hardly appears once in a week. That Urdu content is produced by BHP and published on BHP’s channel. We expect our community will allow it to be posted in BHP’s groups as an exception as well.
We extend our heartfelt thanks for never ending  support of our members. Together, let us continue to build a path of inclusivity, compassion, and empowerment.
Your Very Own,
The BHP Team.