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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

From Darkness to Digital Light: BHP Website Returns on White Cane Day

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Greetings, very warm greetings to the people around the globe.
The people who are mostly recognized by their long white stick with a string that guides them their pathway down the road. We have an exciting announcement ahead. Before uncovering that, let’s move back to the stick.
Today is the international safety day for this guiding instrument called white cane.
Started from the United States in 1964, the day spreads awareness and acknowledges the independence of people with visual impairment. To all the white cane users, BHP wishes happy independence. Tap Tap Tap, keep echoing the sound of autonomy wherever you walk.
Once again, greetings.
To the people those who get technologically empowered via BHP every day. A significant portion of this empowerment was halted for 56 days due to unforeseen circumstances. Now the wait is over! We are thrilled to announce that the website is back online.
At this point, we are seriously lacking the words to express our gratitude for an enormous amount of monetary backing, moral support, generous concerns, plentiful offerings, lovely letters, and best wishes.
No scale has been invented yet to measure these, to count these, to calculate these.
With the strong community support and hard work of our dedicated volunteers, entire data has been migrated and linked to their appropriate positions.
The stream of software applications has been flowing with full speed. So visit and grab your required pieces for the digital boxes. And don’t forget to report if any obstacle comes and a piece still requires our attention.
With thanks and love,
The Good People at Blind Help Project.