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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Celebrating 15 October (International White Cane Safety Day)

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Deeply valued BHP fellows, hope you're doing wonderfully well!
As always, BHP is here to convey its true spirit on the occasion of International Whitecane Safety day, continuing with its norms to send around the sparkling wishes to our loveliest community around the globe, whenever any special day takes place.
As You all know, 15th of october is observed to celebrate and honor our true companion, I.E. Whitecane for it continues to serve countless visually impaired individuals in their social mobility and gives them a strong sense of independence.
 BHP, therefore, extends its deepest felicitations to everyone out there on this significant occasion with the earnest desire to see all our followers excelling hugely in their life's journey.
We firmly believe in the complete independence and empowerment of all the marginalised segments in the society, including PWDs.
Hence, Blind Help Project, reaffirms it's commitment to continue serving the blind with the grand purpose to empower them technologically!
Not only that, to mark this special event with great enthusiasm, BHP unleashes an exciting song related to the Whitecane. We are in our glee to tell you all that this wonderful package is a sole production of BHP!


We sincerely expect you to like this specially prepared item and come up with your massive appreciations.
Once again, wishing you all an aspirational occasion of International Whitecane Safety day.
We leave you with a beautiful message below:

Keep chasing your dreams by converting your disability into a glimmering capability!

Your own, BHP!