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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Introducing BHP with a Wider Community

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Join us on Instagram to be among ones who make the difference.Greetings,

Today we are going to  tell you guys about one of the progression to the foundation of BHP. BHP has been founded on the principal of inclusive access to technology for the visually impaired and undermined community. We have tried our best to live up to our premises and we hear that you have good things to say about us.

Blind help project has insured that it is modernized and well equipped to catch up with the pace of changing times. Especially now, there is another territory that we deem crucial to address. that is the gap between blind and sighted community.

It is rather unfortunate that we as a whole, still lack what it takes to bridge the element of failure to represent ourselves accurately to the sighted community. This lack of awareness consequently causes problems for the members of our community, for example in the domain of acquiring for jobs, interaction and lack of accessibility for buildings. BHP has stepped in to play our part in the journey of eradication of this hurdle.

BHP believes that we can achieve this through a series of steps. the first step towards that is our presence on Instagram. We believe that it will bring us a point closer to merging both communities under the same umbrella. The recent inclusion of sighted team members into our project will also hopefully help us in taking a leap forward.

We request you to support us in this cause. If you want to support us, please follow BHP  on Instagram and share it among your sighted fellows. Every share will help us to reach more audience, thereby it will act as one more milestone towards the success.

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With Regards,

The BlindHelp Team.