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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Result for Eid Competition 2021

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BHP update: The result for Eid Competition.

On this passed occasion of Eid, BHP organized a competition for our members around the world to show their talent for sound editing. The given task was to turn a given raw sound recording into a presentable audio thriller. Although we have received some of the finest pieces, making it very hard to distinguish between who gets to become the Mr. or Ms. editor, we have done the hardest part for you.

Top Position:

Here is our winner for the Eid competition for sound editing. Mr. Mahdi Davali from Iran scores the top position. With his admirable sound editing and designing skills, we all can applaud for how his editing has been supported by custom created audio cues. he gets today’s drinks and coffee on us.
Also, to show the real talent, we are putting his edited audio out there on our YouTube channel for everyone to view. We hope for all the best for Mahdi.

Second Position:

The second position is scored by Afnan Nasir from Faisalabad. Afnan has given a cinematic touch to the idea. The audio cues go very well with the final clip. Overall, it looks neat.

Third Position:

Speaking of neatly edited audios, the top third position goes to Aamir Shafique from Sialkot Pakistan. The audio edited by him looks very neat and professional. He has preferred neatly edited simple audio. Thank you Aamir for your participation.

Fourth Fifth and Sixth Position:

Moving forward, Arslan Mughal from Sialkot Pakistan gets to be on fourth position. Laiba Khalid from Islamabad Pakistan stands on fifth and Maria Kausar from Khanpur Pakistan makes it to top sixth.

End Note:

BHP has fortified growth of the community and BHP desires to further assist passionate individuals to achieve their dreams of becoming better. We would soon write individual emails to participants to assist them on how to improve their skills further. Also, we have named top six winners for the competition, we would like to thank the participants who couldn’t make it to top six this time.
We hope you stick with us for the next competition. Remember to share your feedback as it helps us to improve our services. Thanks.


All the financial costs which have been spent on the competition is paid by the BHP team. No donation collected under development of our services is spend on this service.

The Blind Help Team.