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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Reveal Your Hidden Sound Editing Talent and Compete with Fellows Around the World on This Eid al-Fitr

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Blue Eid wishing poster with flowers and other decorations.
Eid is occasion of harmony and peace,
The demonstration of 'after hardships comes ease'.
Praying for acceptance of each good deed,
BHP wishes happiness of Eid.

BHP wishes Eid to its followers.

We hope you are making most out of the day. On the occasion of this Eid, we are organizing a competition where sound editors from around the world will showcase their editing talent.

Winners will be designated for the prize, and will have a great chance of being selected for the sound editing job in the near future by the Blind Help Project, and its fellow projects.

Interested members can drop their submissions at: hello @ (remove the spaces around @, these are to prevent spam crawlers).


The competition is opened for submissions for three days of Eid. Submissions acceding May 15th: 11:59PM-Pakistan standard time will be rejected.

Also, the file will be analyzed for minor editing steps such as final mastering, click reduction and sudden fadeouts.

The Task:

Download this mp3 audio file This is a raw audio file. Participants are required to turn this file into a presentable audio piece. We recommend cleaning the file and then using your creativity to go where it leads with this. Hope for your participation.

With regards, The Blind Help Project.