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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Tribute to Louis Braille

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Greetings all, those who truly keep an eye on BHP might be thinking the day is reaching to end and yet BHP hasn’t said anything about World Braille Day. Well, the supreme authority of the universe was holding us for a reason. Everyone know who Louis Braille was and what was his contribution to the Visually Challenged community. Instead of saying out his biography or his contribution, we would like to pay tribute to him. And not in our words, but in the words of a community member from Pakistan. The magnificent 786 strikes of Muhammad Junaid Ahmed on the computer keyboard have produced unparallel 20 lines which describes Louis Braille’s work in a unique style that allows one to experience the true time travel to 1820s, France.

Strains had grasped them stopped them to hale,
success looked always distant to prevail.
Scroungers they are, yelled the world!
hate of folks was glimpsed to Exhale.
Role of theirs was confined to none?
Considered them sluggish, heaved them in tail.
Teasers were there to torment their nerves,
Remarks were placed, to show them frail.
But how long this division had to linger?
Seized independence had to close at a fail.
Louis it was, France was the place,
Effort it was, result was the braille.
Blessing that looks a roof over head,
Stemmed of nothing but of Braille’s Travail.
Gratify the one who lived it for us,
Cheers for whom who granted us bail.
Bail from hate, bail from dependence,
Bail from taunts, bail from quail.
Nothing has remained challenging for you,
Opportunity awaits you, go and avail.

That was it. There is not a word  we can say, Junaid has already made our dictionaries gray!