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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Critical Update

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We are reaching out to our users to update them about an important matter of concern. Most of our traffic has been observed on our pages where Freedom-scientific Jaws is uploaded. As a result of some undisclosable negotiations, we have decided to take down all the pages pertaining to Jaws program including articles to crack jaws. We will be shortly following up with more information. As negotiations are underway, our users are requested to refrain from involving themselves in the following:

  • Creating or participating any discussion on this matter.
  • Stirring up any controversial remarks or acting upon any.
  • Inquiring our team members regarding this matter.

Furthermore, positive contribution of our members during this time is demanded so that we can arrive at a positive conclusion which may serve into the best of interest of our users.

With regards,

The Blind Help Team.