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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Site is back Online

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Greetings Community,

As most of you are aware that the website went offline for around 24 hours. It was due to a problem with our file storage server. The problem is still there, but we have manage to temporarily bring the services up so that interuption can be reduced to minimum time period.

Now that we have faced such situation, therefore our ultimate goal is to find a permanent solution in the form of new file server. We are highly thankful to those who supported in the dificult time. We need this support to stay continued so that we can achieve the mentioned goal.

As before, the donation details are as under:

For international Community:

PayPal/Credit Card:

Donate via PayPal

For Pakistanis:

Jazz Cash:

  • Via USSD code: Dial *786*0*30668611#, enter amount and validate transaction by entering your 4 digit pin.
  • Via app: Open Jazzcash app, Click the bottom center circular button, click enter Till ID, Type 30668611, click next and proceed by entering amount and validate by pin or fingerprint.

For discussing other donation option or just reaching out (because moral support is as equal as financial support), use the following email address:

hello @

Please remove the spaces from the email address if you are copying. These are to prevent spam crawlers.

With Love,

The BHP Team.