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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

YouTube Update May 17, 2020

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Howdy all, We are here with a dedicated YouTube newsletter. It contains the following three videos:

  1. How to Create a Video using Windows 10 Photos App (Part 2).
  2. QPT: How to Download Videos from YouTube and Dailymotion by Using IDM in Urdu/Hindi.
  3. Telegram (Pure Instant Messaging) - A Complete Walk-through on Android.

Keep reading for the descriptions and videos.

1. How to Create a Video using Windows 10 Photos App (Part 2):

Here comes part 2 of the windows 10 photos app. Previously we told you how to create a video using one image and music. This time a detailed demonstration is given on how to create video with multiple images appearing one by one on right time.   The demonstration explains the various ways of adding images and several other options and features of photos app.

2. QPT: How to Download Videos from YouTube and Dailymotion by Using IDM in Urdu/Hindi:

This Urdu Quick podcast Tutorial demonstrates the procedure of downloading Dailymotion and YouTube videos through Internet Download manager. it specifically seeks attention of visually impaired individuals, who usually require any other website for this purpose. Now you can do it in your google chrome by using NVDA. All you need to do is to follow the instructions described in the QPT.

3. Telegram (Pure Instant Messaging) - A Complete Walk-through on Android:

Telegram is an emerging platform, alternative to WhatsApp and other social media apps.
With its focus on advanced layers of security, it has been developed keeping in mind the flexibility for developers to contribute into integrating a large number of features into telegram.
In this podcast, Mr. Waqas Ramzan comprehensively demonstrates how Telegram can help you in your social tasks. From first time verification to customizing the app according to your requirements, MR. Waqas covers all the aspects you need to know in order to get using Telegram.
Since The Blind Help Project plans to convert its group assistance service to telegram, there would be a dire need to help our users switch to the Telegram app.
This podcast hopes to get you started with using telegram effectively.

That's it for today's NEWS, Be sure to check out Blind Help Project on YouTube for more tutorials and podcasts.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy, Stay Productive,


The BHP Team.