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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Eid-ul-Fit'r Wishes and Road Map Announcement

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Greetings Fans and Supporters of BHP. On the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul Fit’r we wish you the happiness from the core of our hearts.
Eid is the event that Muslims celebrate all over the world, to feel happy for their accomplishment of fasting for all over the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is a time of patience, a time of physical tribulation. So, as Muslims feel happy that they have made their God happy and survived through the hard times, another perspective of looking at it is that After every problem, there is a time of happiness and that every time shall pass, no matter how it is.
This is the time that world is facing a gigantic challenge of pandemic of Covid-19. The time demands us to re-think our purpose of life and become united. Because our fellows need support and helping hands much more than ever before. Holding each other’s hand, we should stay positive and motivated that this time will pass too. While we cannot physically hold each other’s hand, but we may do it indirectly.
With that being said, we also would like to announce something big on this big occasion. Yes, a gift which is truly invisible. More than intangible software. This is a glimpse of our road map for future ahead.
We are in the process of upgrading the structure of BHP. Not the website, but BHP as organization. What does it mean for our audience? It means a lot. First, several new opportunities will be opened up for those who would like to join hands with us and contribute in our mission. Secondly, after putting experts on their right places, the services of BHP will be running much more efficiently. Thirdly, we will be launching some new services as well along with improving the existing ones. And there will be numerous other small and large benefits that you will observe in the coming months.
Another thing that we are working on from futuristic point of view is that we will be extending our hands of collaboration towards 3rd party service providers, organizations, companies and developers to improve the accessibility of products and services so that our community can be benefited. For this, we need your support. You have to grow our official channels big to indicate that you made us your representative. Hence our voice when raised will be more impactful. All you have to do is to Like our Facebook Page and follow our Twitter Handle and ask your circle of contacts to do the same.
Once again wishing you the blessings of Eid,
Best Regards,
The BHP Team.