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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Telegram (Pure Instant Messaging), A Complete Walk-through on Android

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Hi beloved visitors, let’s begin with the hope for your well-being in your technical and non-technical life. You’ve landed on the NEWS of an amazingly helpful and beneficial walkthrough of an emerging platform, which is considered as alternative to WhatsApp and other messeging apps because of its features listed below.

Features of Telegram:

  • Fastest Messaging Application with advanced lairs of security.
  • A powerful and reliable application capable of functioning even on poor network connections.
  • Ad free, easy to understand and user friendly interface.
  • highly secure platform with strict privacy policy.


The walkthrough composed of each and every phase From first time verification to customizing the app according to the requirements of user in order to get using Telegram. Here is the list of the topics, which have been exactly covered.

  1. Introduction to telegram.
  2. Installation and first time setup.
  3. Navigation.
  4. Chat screen.
  5. Groups.
  6. Telegram settings.
  7. Other features explained including Channels, bots etc.

The video of mentioned walkthrough has been published today on official YouTube channel of Blind Help Project. You can watch it by moving just one step down.



Since The Blind Help Project plans to convert its group assistance service to telegram, there would be a dire need to help our users switch to the Telegram app. Hope the purpose is successfully achieved. The way to join official place of BHP on telegram starts from here.

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The BHP Team.