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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Annual Report for 2016

Time is similar to a streaming water way, not a single drop goes underneath your feet twice. Much like the stream minutes never pass you by again. We can rectify us only by judging our past performance, what we did wrong? And how we can improve our self?

We started Blind Help Project more than two years ago with a passion of helping blind community. We had a hope that we will serve blind community. Since that time we are facing hardships but we are committed to our work, even hardships made us stronger than before. In 2016 our list of genuine friends increased, every single day they stroll close to us.

We tried our level best to provide you different software, games, tutorials and articles. It wasn’t an easy task for us in fact we are so young, most of us are minor. Our goals are so high; we will approach a single blind so that he can enjoy his life by educating himself.

Education is a social instrument through which we can guide our destiny and shape our future. We are here to provide you guideline about educating blind through internet.

In 2017 we can discover new strengths and garner faith with us. 
 We all team members of Blind Help Project wish you happy New Year from bottom of our heart. May Allah almighty enable you to rejoice the simple pleasures that life would offer and put a brave front for all challenges from your way. May God give you happiness and strength to overcome past deficiencies, may all negativity and difficulties also end with 2016.

Progress Of The Year

As everyone know that the year 2016 has been ended and the year 2017 has been started. 
 As it was decided in 2016 to show our progress of the year on the day of new year, So today we are acting on this decision for the second time. 
 Here we are going to tell the summary of important events of BHP happened in 2016.

Let us start!

In 2016 BHP has progressed a lot. Many ups and downs came. It was the year of turning point for BHP!

In the beginning of the year, a new member Mr. Abdullah Zafar joined the BHP Team. Being the eldest and most experienced among the whole team, he was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the project. He contributed his business cloud storage solving our storage trouble. He supported the project a lot in different ways and worked day and night to rise up the project. We can say that this appointment was very lucky for BHP.

Previously, the website of BHP was very simple and light weight. It was just a collection of simple HTML pages joined together through PHP. In the end of first quarter of the year, We upgraded the website toWordPress to increase its performance, features and the overall look and feel. Process of adding content increased rapidly and the popularity of BHP also increased a lot among different social media platforms.

In second quarter we launched the mailing list of BHP on and a YouTube channel. A new member Abdul Muhamin Yousaf also joined us in this quarter. He provided assistance to our members on social media platforms regarding android mobile operating system and added lots of android apps on the website.

In the beginning of third quarter, We sponsored NVDACon Asia (Non Visual Desktop Access Users and Developers Conference for Asian Continental Region) providing them the place on our website to have their website. It was a different type of experience for us and we learnt a lot from it.

In the middle of third quarter, We bought a new domain and hosting for our website. It was a turning point of BHP. The address of the website was changed from “” to Besides giving the website a professional domain name and upgrading to high powered and more capable server, lots of new features were introduced in new website. Most noticeable among them was the completely redesigned software section with search and advanced filtration options. The security of the website was also increased.

In fourth quarter, We upgraded the content management system of the website from WordPress to Drupal to provide even better functionality to our visitors. Lots of bugs and errors were fixed after this upgrade.

Overall, Lots of progress were made in this year. BHP has reached more and more blind and visually impaired people, impacted positively on their lives and showed them the way to use different technologies independently. We got overwhelming support, encouragement and love from public. It was much more than our expectations. We would never made it so far without such support. We are so much thankful to all those who supported us in different ways. You guys are the backbone of BHP. When we started this project we never thought that it will get such success as it has gotten today. The encouragement of the public has boosted our power to continue this mission.


By the grace of Allah Almighty, BHP is now very popular and helping blind and visually impaired community regarding technology around the globe. Here we are showing a comparison of the stats from today to previous year.

The number of visits on our website was 19200 and is now 188400 (increased by 881%).

Number of members on our facebook group was 1300 and is now 3100 (increment of 138%).

Our Facebook Page Likes were 82 and now are 591 (increment of 621%).

Only 10 people were following us on Twitter, now we have 53 followers (increased by 430%).

At that time we had no any mailing list, but today we have 295 members there.

We did not approach to Google Plus at that time but today we have 6 followers.

There was no YouTube channel of BHP and today we have 43 subscribers.

In 2017, we have a new jerney ahead of us. We will try to improve our services as much as we can and will continue this mission. In Shaa ALLAH!

We once again wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Best Regards from the whole BHP Team.