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Auto Speaker for android

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In this Quick Podcast Tutorial, An Android app named Auto Speaker is demonstrated. It is a tool for automatic transfer between speaker mode and normal mode during a cellular call. It is useful when you want to turn on the speaker mode in most of the calls but have trubble in finding the switch. This app is a life saver in such situation.

Watch and listen this QPT to learn the basic settings and options of this app.

WhatsApp new status feature

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In this Quick Podcast it is discussed and demonstrated that what is the status feature in WhatsApp messenger. Quite a few months ago, WhatsApp Introduced a new feature called Status and put its tab in replacement with Contacts tab. They also changed the location of the previously used all time good looking one line status. Thus lots of users got confused.

Watch and listen to this QPT to clearify all your misconceptions and confusions about this feature.

Amazon Alexa on Amazon Echo: demonstration of its basics - QPT (Ramadan Special)

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Here is another QPT on a smart assisstive device Amazon Echo with Amazon Alexa to demonstrate its basic features and usage. Amazon Echo is a smart digital assistive device that helps you manage your day, perform home automation, control several apliences, be entertained and much more all through your voice commands only.

This QPT will give a basic overview of Echo, will show how she sounds like and will help you to decide whether it is worth buying or not.

Although this QPT is optimised for the month of Ramadan, still it will be benificial whenever you watch.

If you are interested in buying Echo, then visit its official page on Amazon. For Pakistani users there is a local dealer offering the same device. Visit the Amazon Echo page on to learn more.

Note that we are not at all endorse or affiliated with Amazon or

Baatain yeh kabhina (by abdul muhamin)

A beautiful compozation by BHP admin abdul muhamin.
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How to play Blind Cricket: Demostration and tutorial of Blind Cricket Game on iOS in english

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This video is made to demostrate the cricket game of iOS, called "blind cricket". Language used in this video is english. The video is prepared by Blind Help Project. Keep Visit our website for more interesting contents.

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