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Good day everyone! Which type of networks that you use in your daily lives? The Local Area Network, Metropolitan Area Network or Wide Area Network? Regardless which type of networks that you using, this article is for you. In this article I going to discuss about Advantages of Using Networks in you daily lives especially in the business environment.



Good day everyone! In this article, I going to talk about what is Local Area Network (LAN) along with the Differences between LAN and other Types of networks that commonly used in our daily lives. Without further talking, let’s get started.


I believe most of the iPhone users had experienced problem or issue in which personal hotspot connected through their computer’s USB port is not functioning. Personal hotspot through USB means you use your IPhone as the source of internet connection by connecting your iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable. Sometime, the personal hotspot from your iPhone does not function as you expected. However, please try the following ways to solve the problem.


Good day everyone! Today I going to discuss more about local area network (LAN) in which I going to talk about how we actually can expend the local area network (LAN). In order to expand the LAN, several hardware component have to be add. Following are all the hardware components that can be add in to the LAN to expand the network.


Have you ever wanted to connect two PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN) to share the necessary files and folders between the two PCs? If your answer is yes, this article is a good guideline for you to do that.



To connect two PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN), you need to have the following:

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