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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Annual Report for 2021

Hello and greetings to the BHP community all over the world!

As you know, it has remained our tradition to keep our friends/followers fully updated regarding the progress of BHP on annual bases. So here we are, ready to share the activities chart of year 2021. This will let you have an idea about how things shaped up during the year and what were the lows and highs of Blind Help Project.

Series of activities/happenings that took place in the year 2021 in BHP’s world!

January, The Month of Initiatives:

  • On 17th, a dedicated Telegram group was created for South Asian community and configured systematically by the remarkable efforts of I T Department with the purpose to shift them from WhatsApp to telegram.
  • On 21st, a new worker Mr. Arqam Mehmood from Gujrat Pakistan joined BHP’s content force as a Content Coordinator. From very first minute of training, his extraordinary performance led him jumping straight to second highest responsibility in the department.

February, A Phase of Progression:

  • On 7th, a separate page for all annual reports was created by HR Department to make all the reports readily available on a single page.
  • On 18th, a cross-departmental migration action task force (MATF) came into being to migrate all the public WhatsApp groups to telegram via a systematic workflow. Comprised of sharp shooters, communicator, facilitator and migrators, the taskforce was supervised by Chief Executive Officer.
  • The progress of Content Department remained on its peak during the month, as a lot of content was posted/updated which was 93 in total.

March, A Month of Transformation:

  • During this month, the migration process was broadly accomplished, and both the communities were shifted to telegram. As a result, the WhatsApp groups had to be terminated.
    • Hence, the International WhatsApp Group became dysfunctional on 6th after completing its age of 2 years, 10 months, and 16 days.
    • Whereas the South Asian WhatsApp Group became ineffective on 9th after completing its age of 6 years, 1 month, and 25 days.

April, A Time with Significant Developments:

  • On 18th, Mr. Abdullah Zafar from Islamabad Pakistan, rejoined the organization as a Public Relation Manager and started working with Social Relations Department.
  • On 25th, a female WhatsApp Moderator Ms. Sumaira Mubeen from Gujranwala Pakistan, left the organization on personal grounds.
  • On 29th, a notice from our server host was received under copyright infringement claim from multiple entities. Considering this unexpected notice, we had to take down the entire website.

May, An Energetic Period:

  • In this month, I T Department started working on BHP Assistant Telegram Bot aimed to make all the content available for public during the offline period of the website. It was completed within a week and got published on 7th.
  • On 9th, I T Department setup the website on a shared hosting to make it available online during the offline phase.
  • In the mid of this month, i.e. from 12th to 15th of this month, the Multimedia Department organized a sound editing competition on the joyful occasion of Eid. The winner of this competition was awarded with a cash prize and his achievement was published on our Official YouTube channel.

June, Moments Filled with Socialization:

  • On 2nd, after realizing the popularity of Instagram, we signed up for BHP's official account and started working for its social growth.
  • On 12th, a webinar with team Louie was organized to promote their application. This was a discussion-based session that proved immensely fruitful for the participants.

July, A Month with Critical Happenings:

  • On 11th, an important webinar was organised regarding NVDA comprising of 8 presentations on the role of NVDA as a screen reader in different fields of technology.
  • On 15th, Mr. Atta Rehman from Faisalabad Pakistan, rejoined content department as a content manager.
  • On 16th, HR Department, with a quite heavy heart, had to dismiss 6 workers from their designations, as they were inactive for more than 2 quarters of the year.
  • On 25th, Ms. Haleema sarver from Karachi Pakistan, was appointed as a new twitter manager, as Ms. Sana Javed couldn’t continue her services due to some personal commitments.

August, A Time of Key Operations:

  • On 27th, Mr. Bidyut Halder from India was appointed as a worker of content force.
  • On 29th, a new post was introduced called Chief Operating Officer to manage heavy workload. Thus, Mr. Abdullah Zafar was given the responsibility of this vital post.
  • During the same month, Ms. Hira Javed (Facebook Moderator), and Ms. Haleema Sarvar (newly appointed Twitter Manager) resigned due to their personal commitments.

September, A Time of Noteworthy Progress:

  • On this month, the content department conducted 3 days training program from 24th to 26th, which aimed at training all the standards of content management and creation. The whole training was administered by HR Department. Moreover, along with the content department, I T department and Documentation Department was also directly involved.
  • On 11th, the HR Department designed a BHP calendar V1.0 to describe the events that are expected to be covered through our official social media platforms.
  • On 12th, Ms. Ayesha Tahir was promoted to Social Relations executive and Ms. Laiba Khalid was promoted to the role of Facebook Administrator.
  • On 29th, Ms. Hibba Arif from Karachi Pakistan, was appointed as a WhatsApp Moderator for the Female group.

October, A Period of Accomplishments:

  • On 1st, the post of Assistant CEO was dismissed after a successful experience of 1 year, as its responsibilities have now been merged with Chief Operating Officer.
  • On 11th, an ex-worker, Mr. Afnan Nasir from Pakistan, rejoined us as a sound editor. 
  • On 15th, BHP published its very own composed song aimed to highlight the importance of white Cain.
  • By the end of the month, the female group completed the milestone of total of 150 members.

November, A Revolutionary Season:

  • On 12th, Mr. Bidyut Halder was promoted to a content contributor.
  • On 19th, BHP got a new server (Contributed by one of the Content Coordinator).
  • On 23rd, Mr. Abdullah Zubair (Chief Executive Officer) got married to Ms. Mehwish Ramzan (Managing Director). This was such a thrilling news for the entire BHP family as two respected individuals of BHP chose to work under the single roof.

December, A Month of Renewed Commitments:

  • On 31st, I T Department fixed the bug related to searching a software by the title on the website.
  • On 31st, the team BHP sat together to assess its progress during the year 2021 and made a collective new year resolution to work even harder in year 2022, so that BHP could continue serving its tech community around the globe with no stones unturned.


Here comes the numbering time. Let's compare with the previous year!


  • The number of hits on the website was 8.1 million and is now 13.9 million, increment of 71.6%.

  • Total number of contents posted on website throughout the year are 381


  • Our Facebook Page likes were 2039 and are now 2291, increased by 12.4%.

  • The members on our Facebook Group were 6300 and are now 7543, increased by 19.7%.

  • In the Facebook group, 1835 member requests were approved, 519 posts were deleted, and 10 members were removed by BHP workers.

Twitter and Instagram:

  • 199 tweets and 171 retweets were posted on official twitter entity, which helped 106 new followers to join us.

  • We had 370 Twitter followers previous year, now we have 476, an increment of 22.3%.

  • 52 posts were designed for Instagram account, which encourage 287 new followers to connect to BHP.


  • In This year, 3 videos were published on YouTube channel by Social Relations Team.

  • On YouTube we had 1750 Subscribers and now we have 1990, increased by 13.7%.

WhatsApp and Telegram:

  • Previously we had around 784 members on 4WhatsApp groups and now we have around 1343 on 2 Telegram and 1 WhatsApp group, increased by 71.3%.

  • On our Telegram channel there were 412 subscribers and now we have 620, increased by 50.5%.

  • To keep all these stats on the rising trend, Team BHP conducted total 21 meetings, which kept them talking for roughly 70 hours!

Personality of the Month Awards:

To give the workers a sense of pride for their performance, we have a Personality of the Month Award announced every month for the best performer. But there exist extraordinary workers who achieve this award multiple times. The award holders with number of awards are listed below:-

  1. Arqam Mehmood (Content Coordinator): 4.
  2. Abdullah Zubair (Chief Executive Officer): 3.
  3. Ayesha Tahir (Social Relations Executive): 3.
  4. Muhammad Arslan Mughal (Telegram Administrator): 2.
  5. Nabila Naeem (WhatsApp Administrator): 2.
  6. Waqas Ramzan (Information Technology Executive): 1.
  7. Laiba Khalid (Facebook Administrator): 1.



Blind Help Project, like the previous years, continued working for the betterment of its technological services in year 2021 as well. There can be various ups and downs time and again, but never have we failed entirely in our commitment and mission to benefit the visually impaired followers from different corners of the world, particularly in tech-related affairs. If we have performed short of your expectations during the year 2021, accept our apologies with the firm assurance to deliver better in 2022.

And, if you found our work to be of some value during the last year, then do not hold back to register your deepest appreciations as your endless support is our only motivation to put up a productive show.
You must be mindful of the fact that BHP is rendering its services on voluntarily bases as a one devoted unit, therefore, your encouragement, recognition of our toilsome work and occasional donation surely plays a hugely vital part in our overall progress.

Lastly, we wish all of you a success filled times ahead and pray from the core of our heart that year 2022 turns out to be the best year of your life.

Stay blessed, and stay closely connected as much more to come your way from Blind Help Project in 2022!