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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Annual Report for 2019

Time is the name of flow, which is passing on and on. It never stops to take place. The progression of events from the past to the present into the future is considered as time. Past experiences lead towards current progress, which is the source of building future.

Here the end of thirty first December twenty nineteen announces the beginning of new year to take place next. Before stepping into it, this moment asks us to have a look on the progress and performance of this year by analyzing the happenings over there in order to make the year coming up more better.

By following the tendency of past four years, we are here to present fifth annual progress report of Blind Help Project, which is the source of recognizing the progress before and setting up the next year plans.

Let’s start!

Twenty nineteen was the year of hurdles and struggles for BHP. Many ups and downs came, which is the beauty of time. Below you can find an overview of whole year in the form of monthly division, which includes the coverage of important events.


  • The beginning of year came up with a great achievement in the life of BHP, as a new dedicated server was written in the destiny, which is a source to solution of a number of technical issues in the life of BHP.


  • The mid of that second month was a time of strong communication with visitors and followers by delivering of an update week from 11th to 17th. That update week was a celebration of having a huge number of content newly available on website. It proved to be very beneficial for users in their technical lives.
  • One of our social media platform, official YouTube channel of BHP got an achievement. 1000 subscribers completed on the date of 19th. That achievement was a prove of love and support of community members.


  • A positive thinking led towards collaboration with Cash Reader, the best bank note identifier. The community will be benefited in the future.


  • A highly asking and requiring demand was fulfilled in this fifth month, as Provided the Jaws 2019 crack on 2nd day of the month. That was the result of highly remarkable and appreciative effort of whole BHP team with the collaboration of an outsider supporter.
  • Second time in this year, a huge effort made availability of a number of content on website, which was resultant as a delivery of a session of content updates, which was started on 19th and continued till the Month of June. That session included seven content updates.
  • This month was considered as a highly progressive month in the whole year.


  • This was the time, when the update session, which began in the month of May,  was closed on 5th along with Eid ul fitr celebration with its full grace.
  • In this month, for the better handling of mailing list in order to prevent rule breaking and regulations, Mr. Marceo appointed as a moderator of mailing list on 27th.


  • An outside the team contribution made possibility of designing the official cover image for BHP’s official social media platforms. That remarkable effort was delivered by Miss Ayesha Tahir on 1st.
  • For meeting the expectations of female community in terms of the security and safety of their phone numbers, two and a half year ago formulated separate WhatsApp group was achieved having 50 participants on 4th. That was a huge achievement of gathering female lot.


  • The month of August was considered as a month of a large number of content, as total number of content was added on website was 85.


  • This month came up with big news of our history. The CEO decided to step down from his position on personal grounds. It may be temporary or permanent depending on the future circumstances.
  • Then after some days, according to the decision of whole executive team, Mr. Abdullah Zubair appointed as CEO on 11th and served his best throughout the year.
  • Yet another unsupported situation came in this month by the external forces. As you all know the nature of  work is not very encouraged by the world. But by the support of our community we faced and will continue to face.


  • Another month was there to deliver another unforgettable moment. Managing director resigned on 5th. Undoubtedly BHP became a bit down due to second time of such situation, but the remaining personnel are trying their level best to keep the spirits high.
  • To handle the dealings of management, Mr. Salman khalid became new managing director on 23rd.
  • 3 new moderators joined us for WhatsApp Urdu group, Arslan, jhanzaib and shahzaib.


  • A great effort by Web development Department achieve an amazing milestone. To replace the feedback and contact us page, launched the New feature rich Contact Us form on 6th.



Here comes the numbering time. Let's compare with the previous year!

  • The number of hits on the website was 3.3 million and is now 7.1 million, increment of 115%.
  • The members on our Facebook Group were 4600 and are now 5001, increased by 9%.
  • Our Facebook Page likes were 1390 and are now 1664 increased by 20%.
  • We had 246 Twitter followers, now we have 292, an increment of 19%.
  • Our Mailing List members were 1137 and are now 1203, increased by 6%.
  • There were 36 followers on Google Plus, now the network itself got shutdown by the parrent company.
  • On YouTube we had 953 Subscribers and now we have 1350, increased by 43%.
  • Previously we had around 600 members on 5 WhatsApp groups and now we have around 766, increased by 28%.
  • We added another entity in our Official Channel this year, the Telegram Channel. Within shorter time it has reached 127 Subscribers.


Here we come with the concluding remarks of this annual report, that the ups and downs are the part of every life. The year of 2019 was started with a beneficial addition, which led toward making a strong communication with our visitors and users, along with a prove of love and support. Then with the flow of time a collaboration took place for community benefits. Whole BHP team worked very hard days and nights, to fulfill every demand of public at any cost. To serve on the bases of their skills and abilities, Few community members joined contributor’s force, and few supported secretly and silently, without mentioning their names. The trust of female community was also shown. Two executive team members resigned on their personal ground and two other members took over their posts, which was very big changing in the structure. Some unsupported situations were also faced by BHP. Website was seen with some minor changes in its pages’ layout as well as modernization in some procedures. That led toward the end of year. Again BHP wishes you a happy new year.

Finished? Not yet. First of all thanks for reading the entire report, You are one of the true followers! Secondly everywhere everyone is welcomeing the new year, but there is something even bigger to welcome. Please put your hands together, and welcome, the, new, decade! Yes. it's not only the beginning of new year, but the entire decade of 2020s.

Now it's the final bottom line. Have an amazing year ahead!