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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Annual Report for 2018

31st December is here to announce, that the Year 2018 has been ended and the year 2019 has been taken place! Another new year is approaching, and everyone have a great desire for the new. But don’t you think, before new, it’s better to take a step back and take a look at that we have done in the last hole year? By continuing the  practice of showing the yearly progress of Blind Help Project, here we are going to present the fourth annual report. It will include the summary of all the important events of BHP happened in 2018.

Let’s start!

In 2018 BHP has progressed a lot. Many ups and downs came. The title of this Year, keep reading as it will be declared at the end of this report.


  • On 8th, the first social media moderator Muhammad Arman from Pakistan, joined BHP as the WhatsApp moderator. Throughout the year, his performance was highly dedicated and remarkable on his designation. He gave his best by handling them properly, in order to solve the technical issues of people, preventing and handling the rule braking and providing the various technical stuff on people's demands.
  • On 25th, the website got shifted on her own brand new home (Virtual Private Server). From then and for a few more months, the payment of that VPS was made by a team member and a very close friend.


  • On 4th, second social media moderator Mr Sagar Verma from Australia, joined BHP as a Facebook moderator. But after performing his duty for 3 to 4 months, for some kind of his personal issues, he is not joined now.
  • On 7th, It was decided that, Mr Arvendh Sing Brar from Malaysia will be the WhatsApp moderator of one of English group of BHP. He was already performing his duties in content department. From then on word, he performed very amazingly and devotedly on his both places.


  • On 24th, Miss Mila Quran from Serbia, joined the content department of BHP and contributed very amazing content, which was  of highest quality. But on her personal ground she have to leave and we wish to have her on board in future.
  • On 28th, the logo  of BHP was implemented in the profile picture of all WhatsApp groups and our official number, which was redesigned specially by Miss Huma Shahid from Pakistan.


  • On 3rd, first time the solution of downloading problem from SolidFiles in India was shared by a community member of BHP  Harsha HD from India.
  • On 4th, BHP’s official WhatsApp account was declared as confirmed business representative on the platform.
  • On 30th, BHP launched v4.5 of the website. This update included the refining of whole website by the strong changes in Footer and main menu, which made it very responsive for mobile users and the renewal version of the contact us and about us page.


  • On 7th, two WhatsApp moderators Mrs. Tyaseta Sardjono from Indonesia and Mr. Afnan Nasir from Pakistan were appointed. They both were very good in their performance, but unfortunately one of them is not a part anymore.
  • In the mid of month, BHP delivered the v4.5.6 of the website. This update was specifically for the content team.


  • On 2nd, BHP got collaborated with Bookshare in order to bring their services in Pakistan and provide free accounts to those who are having print disability and applied for membership via our online form. Bookshare is a world's largest electronic library for people with print disability. By utilizing this collaboration, BHP has been provided its free membership to more than 60 individuals in Pakistan and this number Is constantly growing.
  • On 20th Ahmed Karim from Pakistan Joined BHP executive team as Chief Adviser, and till now he is providing his services very efficiently.
  • On 29th, two sisters Unaiza Ghazali and Hiba Arif, both from Karachi Pakistan joined as female WhatsApp moderators. These most dedicatedly hard working personalities are still working officially with BHP.
  • On 30th, in the sharp mid of year, a special content update was published.


  • On 16th, BHP renewed the domain of via personal contribution by executive members.


  • On 14th, The ultra-special content update was presented, which included 71 items on the occasion of 71st Independence day of Pakistan.


  • On 13th, Salman Khalid from Pakistan joined us as the executive team member.
  • On the same day, BHP got its own PayPal account and started collecting the donation from the community all over the world by making the Butten of donation available on our website.
  • On 15th, after making the donation Butten available on site, we got our first donation.
  • On 21st, the female WhatsApp Urdu group got record making entries of 7 girls and its performance improved gradually.


  • On 3rd, we took off our financial burden from that close friend and paid for the VPS via public donations for the first time.


  • On 18th, to prevent the non-sense rule braking on WhatsApp, the web department started blocking access to the website for those spammers.
  • On 21st we launched community policy, which is characterized to keep up the discipline of all our public communities located at Facebook, WhatsApp and Mailing List.


  • On 25th, BHP released a special content update along with the wishes of the day. This update included 47 items.
  • On 26th, the first ever contributor of BHP, Ding Tecksong completed his two years of service and received a gift in the form of special public letter.
  • On 28th, Mr Haroon joined as software provider.



Here comes the numbering time. Let's compare with the previous year!

  • The number of hits on the website was 1.2 Million and is now 3.3 Million, increment of 175%.
  • The members on our Facebook Group were 4019 and are now 4600, increased by 14%.
  • Our Facebook Page likes were 1088 and are now 1390, increased by 28%.
  • We had 161 Twitter followers, now we have 246, an increment of 53%.
  • Our Mailing List members were 980 and are now 1137, increased by 16%.
  • There were 24 followers on Google Plus and now we have 37, increment of 54%.
  • On YouTube we had 460 Subscribers and now we have 943, increased by 105%.
  • Previously we had around 400 members on 5 WhatsApp groups and now we have around 600, increased by 50%.


So, we are aproaching the conclusion. The highest increment was of website hits (175%). The Most Productive Month of the Year, Award goes to, any guess? MAY! And now the time is to give this Year a label. Annalysing the entire year carefully we came up with the title "The Year of Direction Settings and preparation for Future".

Once again, Happy New Year from the core of Heart and wish us Best of Luck for the future.:-)