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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Annual Report for 2015

Time is similar to a streaming water way, not a single drop goes underneath your feet twice. Much like the stream minutes never pass you by again. We can rectify us only by judging our past performance, what we did wrong? And how we can improve our self?

We started Blind Help Project in 2015 with a passion of helping blind community. We had a hope that we will serve blind community. Since that time we are facing hardships but we are committed to our work, even hardships made us stronger than before. In 2015 we met genuine friends, every single day they stroll close to us.

We tried our level best to provide you tutorials of different softwares. It wasn't an easy task for us. In fact we are so young, most of us are minor. Our goals are so high; we will approacha single blind so that he can enjoy his life by educating himself. Education is a social instrument through which we can guide our destiny and shape our future. We are here to provide you guideline about educating blind through internet.

In 2016 we can discover new strengths and garner faith with us. We all team members of Blind Help Project wish you happy New Year from bottom of our heart. May Allah almighty enable you to rejoice the simple pleasures that lifewould offer and put a brave front for all challenges from your way. May God give you happiness and strength to overcome past deficiencies, may all negativity and difficulties also end with 2015.

Progress Of The Year:

As everyone know that the year 2015 has been ended and the year 2016 has been started. BlindHelp Team decided to show the progress of the year of Blind Help Project at the end of every year. So today we are acting on this decision for the first time. As Blind Help Project was started in 2015, so we will tell about summary of everything that happened in BHP from the first day.

Let us start!

  1. About 1 year ago, Blind Help Project (BHP) was started as a Facebook Group,created by Muhammad Hamza with the different name. Later on, it's name was changed to Blind Help Project and now it is famous with the same name.
  2. About 6 months later, Abdullah Zubair one of the admin of BHP group, Launched a website for this project with the domain which is still same. He begin to upload different accessible and useful software, tutorials, audio stories and audio books on this website.
  3. Hence the chain started. Blind and visually impaired people liked the little website a lot and started promoting it by sharing on social media.
  4. 2 months later Waqas Ramzan came to know about this project and the website. He decided to contribute to this project by his skills of web development. He totally upgraded the interface of the website. The new interface was extremely appreciated.
  5. Abdullah Zubair, Muhammad Hamza and Waqas Ramzan worked hard day night and created the project very helpful for the blind community.


By the grace of Allah Almighty, BHP is now very popular and helping blind and visually impaired community regarding technology around the world.

  • Website Visits: 19200+
  • Facebook Group Members: 1300+
  • Facebook Page Likes: 82