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Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

About Us

Sometimes it may seem that blindness creates barriers when trying to accomplish a task, but for us, we believe that this concept can be eliminated. We have setup an All-in-One platform to assist in this process by providing a wide veriety of digital resources, along with demonstrations, guideline and round the clock community assistance for their utilization to maximum possible capacity and let you become productive, enspired, entertained and employed.


Blind Help Project (BHP) is an independent volunteer-based resource that aims to empower the blind and visually impaired across the world in understanding, learning and acquiring a variety of accessible software applications by making them readily available through our website, producing technical articles and audio tutorials and making BHP an open community-driven platform, through our vast social media presence. It is our belief that blindness can be reduced to a mere physical condition, because the advancement in modern assistive technology allows us to overcome barriers.

There is insufficient material and documentation available to understand and efficiently utilize various technology, so we aim to provide assistance with these complications. Furthermore, BHP recognizes the power of today’s technology, and therefore enables access to areas in other facets of life, including education, employment, and entertainment. Grab the latest accessible programs, applications, and utilities that are accompanied by comprehensive tips that we share through our blog and audio podcasts.

Who We Are?

We are a dedicated volunteer team of students mostly from Pakistan who are performing their duty as a 24/7 job. We work under the slogan of

(Envisioning a Brighter Tomorrow Through the Lens of Technology!)

As the whole BHP Team is also either partially or totally blind, so we can better understand the problems and challenges of blind community and work to deliver most afficient and best possible solutions for these hurdles and barriers. Beside the executive team, lots of other supporters, Called "BHP contributors", are working in cooperation, without them the project can't run as smoothly as it currently is.

What We Do?

We are working to improve the lives of persons with visual challenges from 2014. We aim to help the blind community by utilizing as much resources as we have, and all of this is totally free of charge. We feel pleasure in doing so. We are providing our services not only round the globe, but these are also round the clock! Below you can find their details:


We are running a website to provide hundreds of software , games , apps, articles , tutorials , quick podcasts and other resources for Windows , Mac OS , Lynix , Android and iOS absolutely free of cost, to provide access to those who can't afford such high cost products but crucially need them. On our website, we have the content, which could be beneficial for different large communities. E.G. For the muslim community, we have a separate section, where they can find religious content according to their interests. For those who are interested in programming/development , we have an amazing dedicated section for them. Our website also consists of various audio stories to entertain the listeners of various types.

To interact, socialize, and send feedback on the provided content, anyone can registor on the site, complete his/her profile, and start exploring the world along with the power of words!

All that and much more are waiting for your attention. We are constantly working hard to improve user's experience and introducing new features.

Social Media:

As our slogan suggests, our main objective is to assist blind community in the field of technology. Therefore for this purpose, we have our different social media forums, such as Facebook group and page, different WhatsApp groups for local, international and privacy conscious female blind community separately, and Mailing List for those who are only regular e-mail communicators. All these are created to offer platforms where everyone can provide technological help to each other according to his/her knowledge. We are also tweetting about happening in BHP, and using our account to provide support on twitter. Our YouTube channel is also active to deliver different amazing tutorials and podcasts.

All of our services are being provided only for welfare, Eradicating the generation of chances for any profit or business.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website or join us on social media platforms, you'll definitely learn allot!

BlindHelp Team

Chief Executive Officer: Abdullah Zubair

Chief Operating Officer: Abdullah Zafar

Managing Director: Mehwish Ramzan

IT Executive: Waqas Ramzan

Content Executive: Abdul Muhamin

Multimedia Executive: Muhammad Hamza

How We Work?

Having a strong management system, We work under an organized environment, which is a backbone of coordination of activities of our BHP in order to achieve defined objectives.

Hardworking is nothing without management. The correct time and place of certain hardwork can only be decided through efficient management. That’s why, we have created dedicated departments for each field of operations, which are working under their Executives.

 A worker can join the team from any part of the world if he/she can meet specified criteria and pass certain testing and evaluation.