Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Snakes and ladders

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Hi, and welcome to a brand new game, snakes and ladders! as the name might hint you, it is a board game, in which, your goal is to reach at the final square.

Each square has a number, and there are 100 squares. you can travel through these by rolling a dice.

But to make the matters interesting, snakes and ladders are placed along the way which are definitely going to provide fun or frustration(no one likes to lose, afterall.)

snakes will throw back a cupple of steps. ladders will raise you a few steps (or it might put you directly on the top if you are lucky!)


the controls are very simple:

  1. press enter to roll your dice.
  2. press S to check the posission of players on the board.
  3. you can press f1 to here same information anytime.
  4. exit the game by pressing escape or alt+f4.

we do hope the game can at least provide a few minutes of fun to you.