Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Say time for windows!

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Operating system: 

Say the Time, A talking clock. And so much more.

It's a clock. It's a calendar. And it's so much more! Say the Time will help you 
to manage your time better than ever before — you'll wonder how you ever managed 
without it. Designed for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.



 Alarm Clock and Reminders:


Create fully customizable reminders for birthdays, meetings, events, TV shows, 
online sales, and even just taking out the trash. Easily schedule reminders one 
time or have them recur automatically.


Sticky Notes:


Create beautiful sticky notes to quickly jot down thoughts, ideas and other 
important information. Just as easy to use as paper Post-it® notes. And they're 
right on your computer's desktop!


 Date and Time Announcements Listen now!


Say the Time's namesake feature! Enjoy periodic spoken date and time 
announcements in a pleasant female or male voice. 


  Quick Access to Fast Facts:


Click on your taskbar clock to view your upcoming schedule, a month-view 
calendar, the local time in your favorite places, and even the weather!


 Taskbar Clock Customization:


Choose your own colors, textures, fonts, and more, to give your clock your own 
personality! Plus, display both the date as well as the time, in any format you 


 Additional Features:


Stopwatch and Countdown Clock

Internet Time Synchronization: Easily ensure that your computer's clock is 
always accurate.

World Time Clock: Quick access to local times in all your favorite and important 
places around.
Say the Time in action. 

Watch the quick screencast.


Thats it, enjoy with!