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GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp plus v5.70

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This is the modded, more advanced version of WhatsApp android client, which you can use instead of the official WhatsApp application to get a lots of extra features those are not available in official releases. Its being actively developed and updated by "Omar", and getting more and more popularity day by day, many more users are looking towards GBWhatsApp to enjoy the feature ritch experience along with its flexibility. It can also provide the facility to use up to 3 numbers on whatsApp in a single device by installing GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp plus alongside of official WhatsApp application.

The official page of GBWhatsApp is in arabic by default, so lots of users faced much difficulty in getting the installer, or updates to it. That's why, we are here to actively present this program through our software library with the original contents in an international language and in more screen reader friendly web view.

Why GBWhatsApp?

Look at the following feature that GBWhatsApp has offered!

  1. The possibility of hiding to appear - from groups or from individual contacts!
  2. Full control on your privacy!
  3. The possibility to distinguish between collective messages and regular!
  4. Possibility to know who has visited your profile or become connected!
  5. Possibility of locking the chat with a password!
  6. The possibility of sending videos up to 30MB instead of 16MB!
  7. The possibility of sending an audio clip up to 100MB instead of 16MB!
  8. The possibility of sending 90 images at once instead of 10!
  9. Possibility of a case of the number of dependent characters 250 instead of 139 symbols!
  10. The possibility of extracting links without storing the message sender or the number of the owner!
  11. Counter statistics for groups!
  12. View the media without downloading!
  13. The possibility to hide the name and the date when copying two, or more!
  14. Ability to copy status!
  15. The possibility of changing the program format,, program icon and notices!
  16. The possibility of sending images with high accuracy!
  17. Possibility to stop receiving calls from anyone you want to, or from everyone!
  18. The ability to display messages of anybody in a group separately from the rest of the members Messages!
  19. The possibility to get notified upon online status change, or profile image change of any specific contact!
  20. Possibility to send any file type including software and games over whatsApp
  21. And many more, that is not listed here!

What's new in v5.70?

  • Possibility to send a video clip size of up to 50 MB instead of 30 MB
  • (exclusively) the possibility of going to the first message in a conversation. (open any conversation and press Options button and then choose "go to first message"
  • Possibility to download any image or video clip from Status section directly
  • add option 2.2.5A to change the color of the name of collective messages in the main menu and chat screen
  • fix the crashing of the program when you open a conversation in some cases
  • Other reforms


Note: You can also synce GBWhatsApp to use WhatsApp on your PC by downloading the official desktop versions for windows/Mac from here or in a web browser at


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