Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Destination Mars

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Destination Mars is in some ways a little like a board game. After blast off, you take turns spinning the cosmic wheel to get a number from 1-10, which will move your ship by that amount times 200000 miles across the 34 million miles of space betwene Earth and the red planet. Of course, your ship has fuel, and if you spin badly you might need to find another fuel source along the way. Each turn various nasty events may crop up which you'll need to deal with appropriately. Dodging asteroids or dangerous energy fields, encounters with unfriendly aliens, getting lost in a time warp, or just your ship's radio going on the blink. Of course, if your ship takes enough damage, you'll be space dust, but also taking the wrong actions can earn you warnings from mission control which might cause you to get recalled to base for a strict talking to.

Along with destination mars there is also a short aliens combat game, just involving you in a turn based shoot out with the invaders, very nice for a quick blast.

The game, as an old dos title, is obviously text, and you'll need a screen reader to read the window, though unlike many other dos games, it will run fine on windows 7, and also Richard has added some new sound effects into the mix to keep things interesting.

Destination Mars is also included in a bundle of six of Richard De Steno's games available for Ios through the ap store.

Though a fairly simple game, the humorous text and amusing sounds are worth giving this one a try, and seeing how you act in a crysis is always fun, ---- even if sometimes you will end up cursing a bad spin of the wheel.