Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Computer Shortcut Key, A Complete List Of Shortcut Keys For NVDA And Other Productivity Software

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Computer Shortcut Key is a reference to the shortcut keys for various Microsoft Windows applications developed by Ding Teck Song from Malaysia. More and more shortcut keys will be added from time to time. So, stay tune for any update from us.



The key features of this program includes:

  • Brows all shortcut key. You can browse or view the complete list of shortcut keys for various Microsoft Windows applications include NVDA screen reader, Microsoft Office programs and more coming soon. You can view the shortcut keys a long with its function and its category. The text in the () indicate the category of the shortcut key.
  • Search shortcut. You can search the function of a particular shortcut key by providing the shortcut key or search the shortcut key by the description of function of a particular shortcut provided. To search the function of the shortcut key, you have to enter the name for the shortcut key i.e. control+a. To search the shortcut key by description, you have to provide some part of description that describe a particular shortcut key.
  • Brows shortcut by category. You also can view the list of shortcut based on its category. The categories that available include:
    • NVDA. The shortcut keys for NVDA screen reader.
    • MS Office. The shortcut keys for all Microsoft Office programs.
    • MS Word. The shortcut key for Microsoft Word
    • MS Excel. The shortcut key for Microsoft Excel
    • Web Browser. The shortcut for web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.
    • General Command. The shortcut keys for almost all the applications for Microsoft Windows Operating System.
    • More coming soon
This program require Java to be install in all the computers that run it. If you don’t have Java installed in your computer, please download it now from the link below. If you don’t have the latest version of Java installed, please kindly update it to the latest version.