Windows loader 2.2.2, an activater for windows 7 family

when it comes to activation of windows 7, only one authentic name raised in a technological mind. this is windows loader by daaz. It is capable to activate all editions of windows 7,

whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit, on every computer/laptop. It can activate through a unique product ID, so you can enjoy all of online services of microsoft, which required registored windows including microsoft update.

How to use

windows loader can only work on clean/unmodified installation of windows 7. If you have used any other activater/crack on your PC, then windows loader might not work.

  1. disable your antivirus program.
  2. download and extract the archive "".
  3. right-click on "windowsLoader.exe" and choose run as admin.
  4. when it opened, press tab once to move to the "install" button and hit enter to execute. it will take few seconds to minutes for the process, please be patient.
  5. after completion, it will ask to restart your system. choose "restart now" to continue.
  6. after returning back to windows, you will notice that it is now been activated. you can varify that by going to the system properties from control pannel.

How to download

  1. Click here to go to the download page
  2. Wait for page load, then navigagte down to, "download through my browser", and press enter.
  3. Please be patience, it will complete the download in your browser without any further prompt. The download progress will display on the same page.
  4. Upon successful download, the browser's file download dialog will appear, let you save the file anywhere on your system.

Happy computing!

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