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How to install and crack EaseUS data recovery latest version

Have you become frustrated by the fake Ease US data recovery cracks and activation methods? no worries, we have a solution which allows you to crack the EaseUS data recovery 11.0 and all old versions as wel.

Please note: this method is fully working and does not contains any harmful program, you can trust us because we are just going to provide a small file which would allow you to generate a unique licence key for Ease US Data recovery tool, You will install the original setup after downloading from official site. We don't like to cheat our visitors by providing a fake installation file because our purpose is to help everyone, not spamming.

EaseUS data recovery review

So what is actually EaseUS data recovery?

EaseUS Data recovery allows you to recover the data from your hard drive, USB and memory cards. if you have a device which doesn't showing your most important data due to a virus or any other problem then you can use the EaseUS data recovery to recover your important files such as videos, images, audios, documents and other files.

How to Activate EaseUS Data Recovery

Being a student you cannot afford the licence of EaseUS data recovery tool, therefore you may like to activate it by some free ways.

Note: if you have enough money then it's highly recommended that you purchase the software, otherwise cracking is not a bad choice, :).

Installation of Ease US Data Recovery Tool

Lets begin by installing EaseUS data recovery in your computer.
Download EaseUS data recovery from This page. After the installation, you will have an option to recover 500 MB data without any cost, but once you reach the limit, you will be ask to activate it.

Activate EaseUS Data Recovery professional

In order to get easeUS data recovery full version, you just need to use the license code which will be generated for your computer. Don't forget to disconnect your internet connection before using the keygen, otherwise it won't work.

  1. After downloading the software, open the extracted folder, copy the "config.dat" file from "crack" folder to
    "C:\Program Files\EaseUS\EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard"
    and click "replace the file in destination".
  2. Now go back to the "crack" folder and open "edrw_keygen.exe" file. Here you will have a new dialog box which will allow you to choose the registration edition, You can choos professional or technician.
  3. After that, you have to click "Copy Licence code" from there
  4. After copying the code, open the EaseUS Data Recovery from desktop and click "activate".
  5. Here you have to paste the licence code and click ok.
    It will tell you that "due to unavailability of internet connection, we cannot make a connection to server, you can copy the machine code on the website and then provide easeus data recovery activation code in required field".
  6. Copy the machine code and go back to the keygen, paste the machine code just next to the licence code.
  7. Copy the easeUS data recovery activation code from read only field.
  8. Now go back to the EaseUS Data Recovery and paste the easeus data recovery activation key in respected field.
  9. Click ok and it will tell that your activation for EaseUS data recovery has been succeeded. again click ok and start recovering your precious data.

Important note:

In order to keep the activation alive, you need to block this software from your firewal, otherwise you will lose your activation once you will connect your computer to the internet.

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