Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

WhatsApp Lock Pro v2.3

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Operating system: 

This app lets you protect your WhatsApp’s privacy through a PIN. After installation it will ask you to set a 4 digit PIN, and will show the configuration options.

You can customize auto-lock time, so you don’t need to enter the PIN every time you change task on your device. If you enter a wrong pin and your phone has front camera, it will take a picture of the intruder and saved in the photo gallery. Have fun in detecting the intruder! (Only devices with front camera)



Its features are given below.

  • It’s 100% free and has no limitations.
  • Keep your private messages safe.
  • Capture intruders when wrong PIN is entered. Have Fun!
  • Won’t make you crazy with strange advertising.
  • It is ultra lightweight. Uses low resources and space.
  • Minimum special permissions required.
  • Design attractive and simple user interface.