Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Land of Livia

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Periodically escape your busy life and immerse yourself in a land yearning to be explored. Experience a game that takes the core elements of the role playing and adventure games you love and distills them into a mobile game you can play throughout the day.
Welcome to Land of Livia, an idle RPG and adventure game in which you try your luck at unlocking the mysteries of the land, discovering items of legend, and competing with your friends.
Land of Livia is a different kind of experience that is designed for relaxed gameplay to fit in around your busy day. You only need to touch base periodically to gather rewards or continue on.
PLEASE NOTE! This game does not (nor will it ever) include a pay-to-win or acceleration mechanic of any kind.



  • Free prelude chapter 'The Sorceress and the Sea' - explore the Land of Livia and discover the nature of the evil that has caused its current drought!
  • Chapter 1 'A Land Divided' and Chapter 2 'The First Tribe' provide even more content and are available via in app purchase
  • Travel to varied Towns and Dungeons and collect powerful Items, precious Gems, Real Estate, and Companions
  • Unlock Legends by listening to rumors and piece together lore items in order to find and equip Legendary Items
  • Chat with your friends at the Campfire and compete for #1 on the Leaderboards
  • Level up your Hero in order to complete increasingly difficult quests
  • Discover rune combinations with limited guesses in the Lore Researching mini game
  • Test your reflexes and precision in the Gem Cutting mini game
    • Entire game is fully accessible with VoiceOver