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Public campaign for Urdu TTS, please support us!

As you know, the Urdu is one of the biggest language of the world, but still there is no efficient  Text-to-speech engine available for any platform. There are many languages in the field of TTS, those are covered by many famous companies who are running their TTS solutions in the market. But none of them is paying attention towards Urdu language.

So in the first step, we are requesting Google to add Urdu language in their android's text-to-speech engine called "google TTS". For this purpose, we have started a petition on This petition required supporters as much as possible, from all over the world to build a strongest impression. So we would like that you, as the BHP lover, sign this petition by visiting the following link. If you are not the Urdu speaker, even then sign this patition just for the sake of social cause, and for helping your visually impaired community. Don't worry, they will not ask any private information - you will just need to enter your e-mail and comment while signing the petition. Also copy the link from the address bar after visiting that page, and share in your circle, and ask your contacts to contribute towards this campaign. You can also directly share the petition to the various social media networks from that page as well.

So, Let's do it now and here!:

How To install and Crack JAWS

JAWS installation and activation instructions:


Here are the step by step process of installing JAWS for windows which you have downloaded from
JAWS16 download page
JAWS17 download page
JAWS 18 download page
and its cracking/activation method.

  1. Extract the downloaded archive (.zip file) to any folder.
  2. Open the newly extracted folder. Go to "setup" directory inside, and run "FSOcr13.0.1512ENU.exe", (if you are installing JAWS 16 or 17), and "FSOcr14.0.851ENU.exe" (if you are working with JAWS 18", and wait for its completion. it will instal FS omny page component, and avoid downloading the same from the internet during installation, which can be helpfull to save a lot of time and internet data.
  3. Now run "J16.0.4350enu.exe" for JAWS 16, "J17.0.2211enu.exe" for JAWS17, or "J18.0.2740enu.exe" if you are installing JAWS18, to start JAWS setup program.
    A. At the very first screen, simply click next to start installation, and follow the on-screen progress info.
    B. If your system ask to restart, go on and let it do!. The setup will automaticly resume after restart.
    C. When the JAWS setup dialog appears, again click "next" to continue from the first setup screen.
    D. Press the space bar on "i accept" checkbox, for license agreement, at the second screen, and then choose "next.
    E. Choose "typical" as the installation type at the third screen.
    F. Click install to begin the installation on the fourth screen. then wait for sometime to complete.
    G. At the end of installation, Click finish to exit the installer. If the system again ask for restart, don't worry, let it go for it!
  4. After installation, the JAWS will launched and ask to activate the product. But it is necessary to close the JAWS before cracking. choose "run as demo" to continue, and then exit the program completely by pressing insurt+f4.
  5. Go to "crack-x64", if you have installed JAWS64bit, or "crack-x86", if you have JAWS32bit, and copy the file "jfw.exe", and paste it to the JAWS installation directory typically found at
    C:\program files\freedom scientific\JAWS\version. Where version is the version number of the JAWS you are cracking such as 16.0, 17.0 or 18.0.
    and replace the origenal file there.
  6. From the same crack folder, right-click on "myCertificate.cer" and choose "install certificates". This will launch "certificates import wizard".
  7. Choose the second option "local machine" from the first screen of the wizard, and click next to continue.
  8. At the second screen, once again choose the second option "place all certificates in the following store", and click brows. A new window will pop-up.
  9. In "select certificates store" window, again select the second option "trusted root certification authority", from the available treeview, and click ok to confirm the selection.
  10. Now hit next to continue the wizard.
  11. At the last screen, a summery will tell you about your selection made in the previous steps. Simply click on "finish" to complete the process.
  12. In few seconds, your system will tell you that "the import is successful". Click "ok" to close the popped-up message, and then start JAWS by clicking its icon on the desktop.

All done, enjoy!


Support us by sharing our site and this article in your circle as much as possible.

Happy computing!

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good eavning I want to ask question one: I installed Jaws 18 in computer, who is 32 Bit windows7 . I cracked and made Mysertificate, as in inctructions and when I stardet Jaws 18 he not working why it happened,whats the reasons?

hallo I kan not rite so wel just wood like to no may you tel me wear dit you get the crack for jaws 18 from I have instold jaws 18 and crackt it and it workt for me from and doo you no hoo is the maker of the jaws crack I wood like to get jaws 6+crack and 7 and 8 and 16 +crack and if you may tel me on wot site kan you find all jaws for windows +crack I b happy if you kan help from andre


You can ask for crack for any previous version of jaws. but please do contact at:
Regards BlindHelp Team!