Saturday, June 10, 2017 2:44:51 AM

How to change the Calculator app in iOS devices in to the Scientific Calculator

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Have you ever want to use the scientific calculator in your iOS devices but you are not sure which app is accessible to the Voice Over or you don’t want to use the third party apps in your devices? If this is what you are worry about, I’m sure that this will help you. Now, you are able to use the scientific calculator with the built-in calculator app in your iOS devices. To use the scientific calculator in your iOS devices, simply disable the “orientation lock” in the control center of your devices. Then, simply launch the calculator app and turn around your devices so that, it will become landscape. When your devices are in landscape position, the calculator app will automatic change in to the scientific mote and when it is in the portrait position, it will change back to the basic mote which is the usual calculator mote that we use. That’s all. Good luck!

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