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About Us


Sometimes it may seem that blindness creates barriers when trying to accomplish a task, but for us, we believe that this concept can be eliminated. Blind Help has created a platform to assist in this process by providing full versions of software, along with tutorials to serve you better.

What We Do?

We aim to help the blind community by providing accessible software free of cost, along with their tutorials. Our website consists of various audio games for entertainment, audio books in Urdu language, as well as assistance for technical issues which can be obtained through our social media forums.

Who We Are?

A group of volunteers from different corners of the world.

BlindHelp Team

  • Project Founder: Muhammad Hamza
  • CEO: Abdullah Zafar

Web Masters

  • Senior Web Developer: Waqas Ramzan
  • Abdullah Zubair
  • Jasmin maksuti
  • Editor: Britney Montgomery

Blog Writers

  • Abdullah Zafar
  • Waqas Ramzan

Social Media Managers:

  • Senior: Muhammad Hamza
  • Abdullah Zafar
  • Abdul Muhamin
  • Waqas Ramzan

Content Providers

  • Abdullah Zafar
  • Muhammad Hamza
  • Abdullah Zubair
  • Atta-Ur-Rehman
  • Abdul Muhamin


  • Sound Engineer: Muhammad Hamza

And there are lots of other contributors and supporters without them the project is impossible.