Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

Sudden attack, an online multi player fps!

Operating system: 
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have you ever imagine the wore where everyone killing each other for there own sattessfaction? ? where no one is your friend! where killing is the only way to survive? if yes, then this game is for you!

What is sudden attack?

Sudden attack, or (SA) is a completely different online fps game, where you not only fight other players, but you have to survive by killing different animals, either for your  hunger, or for your own safety.


  • 3d maps,
  • quality sounds,
  • lots of weapons.
  • you can cook and eat animals.
  • lots of hidden places/maps to go,
  • You can create a team of players to kill others,
  • and much more!


  • A, checks what's around you,
  • F, tells your direction,
  • H, for health,
  • L, for level and experience,
  • Enter, activates your weapons,
  • Q and E, change direction,
  • W, press this key when you track someone,
  • R, reloads weapon if needed,
  • T, interaction with doors,
  • Y, sending message directly to admins,
  • U, if you have a team, press this to send message,
  • I, opens your inventory,
  • P, checks the players around you,
  • Grave accent and Number keys, weapons,
  • Space bar, jump,
  • Control, fires your weapon,
  • Z, checks ammos,
  • C, tells your coordinates,
  • Comma and dot, reads previous/next message,
  • Tab, navigating your inventory on the fly,
  • Escape, exit the game,
  • Slash, sends a message to players,
  • F1, checks who is online,
  • F2, checks server up time,
  • F3, checks ping,
  • F4, message of the day,
  • F5, users’ menu,
  • F6, language channel,
  • F7, opens a menu where you can copy player name,

For more, contact the admins


We are not the creators of this game, and we are not hosting it, currently, this game is hosted by Blind Gamers.


If you want any support, contact them.

With this said, we recommend you to try this game at least once, you will love it, come join us in the intense adventure! and (Happy killing)



This game is not the sudden attack by NEXON GT, its completely different. and this is an audio game, enjoy