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Magix Sound Forge Pro V

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MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 13 is a professional digital audio editing software that provides a comprehensive set of tools for audio and music production. MAGIX Sound Forge (formerly known as SONY Sound Forge or Sonic Foundry Sound Forge) is commonly used by professional editors, artists, and producers for basic and advanced audio processing tasks with precision surgical.

Sound Forge Pro allows you to quickly record and edit audio, address sophisticated audio processing tasks, and render top-quality master files with ease. The full version of MAGIX Sound Forge Pro comes with new features that include one-touch recording and measurement, new repair and restore tools, and other advanced audio editing tools.

Sound Forge allows you to perform PQ code editing, add text and metadata, and produce, export, or burn high-definition audio tracks.

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Magix Sound Forge Professional Suite 12.1.0.

Main characteristics:

  • Edit, convert and produce in various formats.
  • Expandable with support for DirectX and VST plug-ins.
  • Support high-resolution audio (up to 192 kHz).
  • Highly excellent mastering chain processing tools.
  • Native signal processing and effects plug-ins.
  • Professional tools for designing and editing sound.
  • Real-time, stereo and multi-channel recording.
  • Record up to 32 audio channels simultaneously.
  • Recording, editing, and design toolset.
  • Spectrum analysis and batch conversion functionality.
  • Support for a wide variety of file formats.
  • Powerful repair and restore plug-ins and more.