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How To Create A Simple Java Program And Run It In Your Computer?

Good day everyone. In this article, I am  going to teach you how we can create a simple Java application and run in our own computer.


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Introduction to PlantText, a powerful tool to draw UML diagrams

What is UML?

Before I go in to more details, let’s talk something general first. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a standardized modeling language enabling developers to specify, visualize, construct and document artifacts of a software system. Thus, UML makes these artifacts scalable, secure and robust in execution. UML is an important aspect involved in object-oriented software development. It uses graphic notation to create visual models of software systems.


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Introduction to W3.CSS

What is CSS?

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How to Replace Any Text Area With A Rich Text Editor In Your Blog Or Website?

Have you ever feel annoying when fill up a form that have a text area or a multiline text fill and you don’t have any option to format those text according to your choice? If this is what you experience so far and you don’t want your visitors to experience the same thing, I have a good solution for you. In this article I going to introduce to you something call CKEditor that you can include in your blog or website to solve the problem.


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How To Create A Calendar For Your Blog And Website Using DyCalendarJS?

Have you ever want to create a calendar for your blog or website, but you don’t have any idea how to do it? If this is the problem that you currently face in develop your own blog or website, this guide is the good guide for you.


What is the dyCalendarJS?

dyCalendarJS is a JavaScript library for creating Calendar that can be include in any blog or website.