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Vocalizer expresssive V2.2 for NVDA

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Vocalizer expressive V2.2 for NVDA: voice packs and individual downloads

Its the vocalizer expressive latest version, V2.2 for NVDA. Yes! The same which you are using with JAWS and on your iOS devices, is now available for your favourite screen reader for windows, called NVDA. To use these voices, you must install the updated version of vocalizer driver for NVDA, which is also listed below in the download section.

Note: There are 14 regional voice packs available to download below, but if you are looking for an individual voice for any supported language, please CLICK HERE to open the vocalizer catalog, choose your prefered language from the combo box on that page, and click "go!" to find download links for all of its voices.

Note number 2: To use these voices, you must have visual C plus plus redistributable packages versions 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015 installed on your machine. If you are using a 64bit operating system, then don't forget to install both x86 and x64 flavours of all versions. To learn more or download all required redistributable packages, please visit This Download Page

Note number 3: Currently, we have added all voices for 37 languages in our individual voices database, but still there are 14 more languages waiting to appear on which we are constantly working to bring them to you as quick as possible. So, stay in tuned to this page to keep yourself up-to-date about  any further development.

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vocalizer expressive 2.2 driver for nvda, 6.2MBClick Here To Go To The Individual Voices CatalogEmbedded compact package (all voices of languages in low quality), 533MBenglish voice pack (australian, indian, american, south african, british, irish), 5.98GBIndic voice pack (kannada, telugu, marathi, hindi, bhojpuri and tamil), 3.7GBArabic voice pack, 786.4MBdanish voice pack, 209.32MBDutch voice pack (standard dutch netherland and belgium), 1.22GBFinnish voice pack, 209.6MBFrench voice pack, 913.35MBGerman voice pack, 1.65GBItalian voice pack, 697MBportuguese voice pack, 894.65MBslavonic voice pack, 2.56GBSpannish voice pack (spanish, galician, basque), 2.13GBOther voices pack (greek, hungarian, thai, korean), 3.01GB


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Regards BlindHelp Team!

Regards BlindHelp Team!

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gaining access to technology is a right for everyone