Monday, September 4, 2017 2:21:14 PM

BHP English (Second Edition)

Welcome to our WhatsApp platform, which is designed for users of English language. The primary purpose of creating this group is to facilitate those who can't understand any local asian languages, but are able to communicate in English.

regulatory policy

This group is intended to express questions and concerns related to technology. If any member abuses any of the following regulations, they will immediately be removed by one of our admins.

  1. The use of profanity, derogatory statements, or any other form of insults are strictly prohibited.
  2. BHP officials respect the privacy of all members, and personal messages should only be sent between others under approval first.
  3. We ask that Input is kept at a minimal rate, and should exclude advertisements, music, or any other content that is not relevant towards discussion of technology.
  4. For any suggestions, concerns, or further inquiries, please contact one of our admin team members which you can identify from the "group info" section under the Application.

If you agree to the above conditions and wish to proceed, check the checkbox below and click "continue". We look forward to serving you, and hope that your participation and experience within the group is beneficial!

By checking the below checkbox, I indicate that I have read and understanded all of the above and shall be responsible for my behaviour in the group. I also accept that any admin can remove me immediately upon any detection of rule breaking!
I accept:

Please make sure that you are viewing this page in your mobile's web browser, otherwise it will not possible to join our group directly.


This is the second edition of the same BHP-English Group. Their are nothing new or change from the first group. It is because we have exceeded the member limit in our primary group, due to whatsapp limitation. So make sure that please don't join this group if you have already in first group, In case of any member found in both groups then they will immediately be removed by one of our admins.