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Welcome to the Crime Hunter! Reloaded with a fresh new design and a state-of-the-art 2d movement system, Crime Hunter will immerse you into a storyline that'll keep you playing for hours!


f3/f4: decrease/increase the volume of the menu music respectively

number row: equip a weapon

h: check your health

c: check your coordinates

d: check damage

t: check time

space: use the selected weapon

w: toggle between walking and running

left/right arrows: walk/run

up arrow: jump or clime up (where possible)

down arrow: clime down (where possible)

left/right alt: hold to duck, release to stand up

tab: cycle through the inventory items

enter: use an inventory item

g: hold to activate the camera, release to deactivate it

while the camera is active: Left/right/up/down arrows: Move the camera left/right/up/down respectively

D: Check the position of the camera and the tile it is on


As you move, your speed gradually increases. It will continue increasing until it reaches the maximum speed you can move at, and then it will stay at that speed. The speed will differ from surface to surface, and it will also be affected by your health. I.e., you will find yourself moving faster on one surface, and being able to jump higher on another. You will also move slower as your health drops.


Hazards can be jumped over. However, there is no special warning surface on the edges, so you need to be careful.


Doors can be found in every stage and they are used to go to the next stage/level. They are recognized by the periodical beep sound they make. In order to open and go through them, you need to use your hands. You will do that by pressing tab until you hear hands and then pressing enter.


Items represent the goods some enemies drop when killed. To pick them up, just walk up to them, and they will be picked up automatically. There will be cases when an item is in the air, and in that case jump and it will be picked up automatically as well.


An antibiotic is a medicine that will give you the health increase. Just drink it, and watch your health go up gradually.

machine gun Cartridge

It's a Cartridge for your machine gun. It won't show up in your inventory, but if you equip the machine gun and press “A”, you will hear how many Cartridges you have. You can press “R”, to load one, and have 50 rounds at your disposal.

special features

Some weapons are able to perform the critical hit. A critical hit happens randomly, and deals 3 times the regular damage. When the critical hit happens, the impact sound will be different. Weapons that provide the critical hit feature: knife, machine gun, and sword.

standard enemies

Standard enemies are both smart, and dumb in their own way. Take them out with the weapon of your choice, and you should be good.


Helicopters are the airborne enemies, so you'll need to jump to hit them. If they land, they'll spawn a crowd of standard enemies that you'll need to kill. This can be quite entertaining...


This game has its own virtual time. You start at January 4, 1994 at 7 PM. The time goes on a little bit faster than normal, e.g., ten seconds represents a minute


Happy crime hunting!