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JAWS18 release announcement

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Friday, May 12, 2017 - 21:45
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Hi BHP supporters and visitors from all over the world.

Hope you are enjoying are services and gaining more and more knowledge from our efforts.

Here we are with a good news for you.

We have updated our most popular Software item, having the most higher number of views internationally.

Yes! You guess right! The JAWS 18's new release, v18.0.2740 is now available to download!

Many users were reporting that they are unable to use the latest windows10 release by microsoft due to JAWS incompatibility.

But now, they don't have to worry at all!

Because you can now download the latest compatible release from our dedicated JAWS 18 download page at
Jaws18 Download Page and continue to enjoy latest and greatest innovations by microsoft in recent releases of windows 10 operating system with your favourite screen reader - JAWS (Job Access With Speech).

You can also enjoy latest features of JAWS in older OS's as well!
So, what are you thinking for? Just open your web browser and visit our website to grab a copy for yourself! :-)
Happy computing.

Blind help team