comparison between Linux and Windows


Hi all. Today, I am going to share a common comparison between Linux and windows. The purpose of this is to clear the basic concept of those who are using windows and think that Linux is weird. First I should tell you what is Linux.

connect two PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN)

Have you ever wanted to connect two PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN) to share the necessary files and folders between the two PCs? If your answer is yes, this article is a good guideline for you to do that.



To connect two PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN), you need to have the following:

Free online media downloader

Have you ever want to download the media files like music and video files from YouTube and other sites without installing any software in your PC? If your answer is yes, this services is a good choice for you.

Now you can download the videos from the YouTube and so many other site in MP4 format by visit the following website:

You also can download the video files from the YouTube and other site in MP3 format by visit the following site :

Free online TTS service

Have you ever want to convert the text to audio files and want to save it in to the mp3 files in your hard drive but, you don’t to use the third party software installed in your computer? If your answer is yes, this service is a good choice for you.

Now, you can use the Free online TTS service from the which is allow us to convert any text in to the audio files and save it in to our hard drive. Please click here to use this service.

By using this service, you are able to:

How to change the Calculator app in iOS devices in to the Scientific Calculator

Have you ever want to use the scientific calculator in your iOS devices but you are not sure which app is accessible to the Voice Over or you don’t want to use the third party apps in your devices? If this is what you are worry about, I’m sure that this will help you. Now, you are able to use the scientific calculator with the built-in calculator app in your iOS devices. To use the scientific calculator in your iOS devices, simply disable the “orientation lock” in the control center of your devices.

Windows 7 can be use until 2020 and Windows 8 can be use until 2023

As we know, the 1 year free update to Windows 10 was ended on 29 July 2016 and various ways were took by Microsoft to make sure all the Windows users are update to latest version of Windows which is Windows 10. However, there are users that still don’t want to update to Windows 10 and try their best to continue using the older version of Windows and don’t want to update their machines to Windows 10 due to some reasons.

How to find the password for the WiFi in Windows 10

As we know, we only have to enter the password for the WiFi for the first time for each devices that we use. Therefore, the possibility for us to forget the password is definitely high. However, we are able to find and copy down the password of the WiFi that we entered in our devices before. In this case, I’m going to talk about how we can find the password for the Wi-Fi that we enter in the windows 10. IF you are using the Windows 10 and you are forget your WiFi password, simply follow the following steps to find your WiFi password that you entered in your machines.


What is Torrent? Torrent is file extension for BitTorrent file format. BitTorrent is a file sharing peer-to-peer protocol. Its main advantage is in fact that you not only download files from the original person who shared files but also get portions from fellow downloaders to maximize the data exchange.

BitTorrent is one of commonly used protocol for transferring large files as there is no centralized server hence the load gets distributed eventually. Before studying its working lets look at some common terms in torrents world.

Windows loader 2.2.2, an activater for windows 7 family

when it comes to activation of windows 7, only one authentic name raised in a technological mind. this is windows loader by daaz. It is capable to activate all editions of windows 7,

whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit, on every computer/laptop. It can activate through a unique product ID, so you can enjoy all of online services of microsoft, which required registored windows including microsoft update.