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CLE Urdu Screen Reader

AssalamuAlaikum from The BHP Team!

We are here to provide information regarding the Urdu Screen Reader and discuss some initial responses from the officials.
First of all, let's take a look at the Urdu Screen Reader.


What is CLE Urdu Screen Reader?

CLE Urdu Screen Reader is a screen reader which speeks aloud Urdu text on the computer screen specially developed by Center for Language Engineering (CLE), Lahore in colaberation with some other organizations for the blind for the people of Pakistan and the speakers of Urdu Language. CLE Urdu Screen Reader provides comprehensive features to facilitate the inaccessible experience in the use of software. To learn more you can visit CLE Urdu Screen Reader page on the CLE website.

Which languages does CLE Urdu Screen Reader support?

CLE Urdu Screen Reader supports two languages (Urdu and English) with auto switching functionality.

Which applications does it support?

The applications supported by CLE Urdu Screen Reader include, but are not limited to:

  • Web Browsers.
  • Word Processers
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentation Tools

Clarification of Some Misconceptions

This was a short overview of the Urdu Screen Reader. Let’s discuss the responses given by the officials pertaining to a few different misconceptions that have arisen.

1. Does Urdu Screen Reader contain a low quality text to speech voice?

No. The CLE Urdu Screen Reader contains two voices including impact and a High Quality TTS voice.

2. Does Urdu Screen Reader contain 5000 words and can only pronounce a limited number of words?

No. CLE Urdu Screen Reader is based on 7 hours of recording that is used to give text to speech a personality. It can pronounce any word written in Urdu or English letters.

3. Is the Urdu Screen Reader a paid software and we cannot get it for free?

Yes. CLE Urdu Screen Reader is a paid software. But they are providing it for free to

visually impaired community if they register themselves through CLE website.

Registration Process

If you are a visually impaired person and want to get the CLE Urdu Screen Reader for free, then follow the below simple steps to get yourself registered:

First of all, go to CLE Urdu Screen Reader Registration Page.
Here you will see a simple form containing the three step registration process described below.

Step 1. Personal and Contact Info

In the first step you have to provide your personal and contact details in the fields described below.

  • Name: Enter your full name here according to your CNIC/B.Form.
  • CNIC Number: Enter your CNIC number or B.Form (If you are a miner) without dashes here.
  • Father Name, Email and Gender are self explanotary.
  • Postal Address: This is the address where the software in the form of CD will be delivered (if you want it to) so type carefully. Typically it is your home address.
  • Contact Number: Enter your 11 digit contact number here without any dashes, spaces or country code. For example 03001234567.
  • Occupation: Choose whether you are a student, government servent, private job holder or any other.
  • Certification: tick the check boxes to certify that you are a visually impaired person, will use the Urdu Screen Reader for personal use only, will not make copy, distribute, export and/or market the software in whole or in part, will be issued only one copy and CLE does not warrant that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Step 2. Uploading CNIC/B.Form

In second step, You have to upload the scanned copy of your CNIC or B.Form (for miners only). This is
to ensure that CLE can verify the information appropriately. For this, you have to scan the both sides of your CNIC separatly, package them into either zip or rar archive, put your CNIC number as the name of that archive, press the upload button and choos the archive that you have created.

Step 3. Shipping Details

In step three you have to choose that how you would like to get your copy of CLE Urdu Screen Reader. There are two options:

  1. I will receive the software from CLE Office in person: If you choose this option, You have to visit the CLE centre in Lahore and receive your CD containing the Urdu Screen reader.
  2. Deliver software on the above mentioned postal address: If you choose this option, The CLE Urdu Screen Reader in the form of parsal will be delivered to your above mentioned postal address via courier.

Note: For delivery through courier, courier charges will be paid by the receiver/client through mobicash on 0300-4441100. Courier charges are as follows:

  • For delivery in Lahore: Rs. 150/-
  • For delivery outside Lahore: Rs. 300/-


Once you received your copy of Urdu Screen Reader, you have to request for activation of the seriol number. For this, send your seriol number along with your name, CNIC, and contact number via email to You will be informed once your seriol number is activated.

Information that needs to be updated on the CLE website

When we contacted CLE for technical help, we found out that following information needs to be updated on the CLE website.

  • CLE Urdu Screen Reader requires minimum 2GB of RAM.
  • It can run on all versions of Windows higher than XP.

this information can be verifyed by contacting CLE.


Hope this information will be useful for every member who can speak Urdu.
share this message with everyone to ensure that your every friend is going right!
Regards, the BHP Team!

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